MR1824 – Easy Ship Rack (Formerly Tensor 18) – 18×24″


Single Sided
Dimensions: 25″ (W) 24″(D) 45″(H)
Trays: 40
Height: 45-1/2″
Height In Up Position: 57″
Tray Size: 18×24″
Tray Mesh Size: 6×8″
Shipping Weight: 70lbs.
Number of Cartons: 1

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All-steel rack with a heavy-duty angle steel base, and an exclusive tray-lock system for supporting trays in the up position. Each tray has two rubber spacers. Formerly the Tensor 18, the Easy Ship Rack is a sturdy, maintenance-free model that includes 40 trays with 1″ spacing between them. It ships unassembled. Also available in double sided models, with all the features of the original, this rack will provide double the capacity. It measures 54″ deep overall, and provides a total of 80 trays. Trays are identical with those of the single-sided model.