Createx Monotype Colors

Water-based, print making colors for single print transfers off a metal, glass, Plexiglas or non-porous plate onto paper. Monotype Colors are unique colors intended to release off the plate, something ordinary acrylic paints will not. Monotype Colors allow for print making techniques which incorporate textures and techniques which cannot be obtained by painting directly onto paper. Monotype Colors are made with a binder that does not have acrylic-resin, and are not suitable for use as a standard acrylic color. Monotype Colors are made with lightfast pigments, are non-toxic and meet ASTM D-4236 standards. The Monotype Colors are the Pure Liquid Pigments already mixed with the Createx Monotype Base. Currently we’re running a special on the 8oz. size, they are discounted at 25% off the listed price.

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