Rubber Rollers

Both Rubber and Polyurethane Rollers are available in three different durometers (durometer = hardness). The standard for most inking applications is a 30 durometer (considered medium durometer), suitable for lithographs, relief, and monotypes. For viscosity printing a set of three rollers is generally used; 15 (considered softest), 30, and 50 (considered hardest) durometers. Rubber Rollers are the most durable and, with proper care, can last a lifetime. These rollers are 4.75″ in diameter and the handles are made of anodized aluminum. The handles measure 5 3×4″ long. We use only the best all natural buna rubber for our handmade rubber rollers. Please specify durometer when ordering. Please note, these are handmade custom to order, they can sometimes take 10+ weeks depending on the time of year. Please inquire if you have time constraints. 20% of the roller price will be the responsibility of the customer if customer should cancel after order is confirmed.

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