Gear Drive Press with Metal Bed


12×24″ (88lbs.) – 7mm Metal Bed
24×36″ (401lbs.) – 11mm Metal Bed

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12×24", 24×36"

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Gear Drive Etching presses incorporate gears to allow operation to be easier and smoother.  Available in both the 12×24″ and 24×36″ sizes. Presses featuring a gear drive can be purchased with either a metal or phenolic (thermoset resin) bed. This item/sku is for the metal bed. The gear drive ratios for each of the press sizes with the metal bed are: 12×24″ = 2:1 and for the 24×36″ = 4:1. The size of the metal bed is 7mm steel for the 12×24″ size, and 11mm steel for the 24×36″ size.